3 Tips For Planning An Outdoorsy Honeymoon

Going on a honeymoon is a great way to start your new marriage off on a fun and exciting foot. And if you and your new spouse enjoy spending time outdoors together and adventuring in the natural world, choosing a honeymoon location around this idea could be a great option.

If this is something you’re interested in, here are three tips for planning an outdoorsy honeymoon. 

Choose An Adventurous Location

One of the first things you’ll want to decide as a couple is where you want to spend your time during your honeymoon.

For those looking for outdoor adventure, Patrick Hutchison, a contributor to REI.com, recommends going somewhere that is well known for their interesting and unique access to all kinds of outdoor activities. Places like New Zealand, Croatia, Chile, Alaska, Norway, and China all have great options for outdoor recreation that you and your new spouse could experience together. And, when you get tired of being outside, you can also find some great places to stay and eat in these areas, too. 

While traveling to these areas might be a little tricky now with the global pandemic, once the world stabilizes, going to any one of these places shouldn’t be an issue anymore. 

Focus On The Activities You Love

If you’re more interested in doing a specific type of activity that you and your new spouse love, then you might want to focus on that activity first and worry about the actual location as a secondary concern.

Some of the activities you might want to experience together that could help lead you to a great location, according to Stacey Leasca, a contributor to Travel And Leisure, could include things like zip-lining in Costa Rica, snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef, skiing in Japan, surfing in Tahiti, hiking in Machu Picchu, hunting and target shooting in Montana, fishing in Alaska, and much more. Essentially, if there’s any place that’s well known for activities you two enjoy, consider that as a top contender for your honeymoon destination. 

Make Sure You Consider The Time Of Year

While leaving directly from your marriage ceremony to your honeymoon is what happens traditionally, if you’re trying to plan your honeymoon around a specific activity at a specific location, you might need to do some adjusting. 

According to Stacey Leasca, a contributor to Men’s Journal, you won’t really want to go on an African safari in the winter or spring, nor will you want to take your big skiing trip in the winter. Knowing this, you can either plan your wedding around when you want your honeymoon to take place or wait to take your honeymoon until the right time of year. 

If you’re wanting to have an outdoorsy experience with your new spouse on your honeymoon, consider using the tips mentioned above as you plan your next adventure together. 

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