How to Build a Stunning Patio in your Back Garden

Every UK homeowner wants to have an ideal rest and relaxation area in their garden, and while there are expert landscape gardeners who can do this, it won’t be a cheap project. Of course, if you went down the DIY road, you could save a fortune, and with that in mind, here are some tips and advice on how to build your very own patio. 

  1. Project Planning – This is the key to a successful outcome, and it would involve estimating materials, skip hire cost in Dorchester, plus calculating a timeline for the project. The skip is essential as there will be a lot of topsoil and other garden waste to dispose of, and order the skip to be delivered on the day you start work.
  2. The Excavation – The secret to building a solid terrace or patio is ground preparation, and despite what some people might say, a solid concrete base is essential. You will need to dig out the area to at least 6 inches depth, if not more, and a large area would be ideal for Bobcat hire, which would make short work of it.

Materials – You certainly have a few choices with regards to materials, with stone pavers, block paving, or plain concrete, which can be finished in many different ways. You might prefer timber decking, and with online tutorials on YouTube, it isn’t difficult to master installing the patio.
Once you have calculated the projected cost and the materials you need, order them all online and don’t forget the skip hire, otherwise you will get into a mess.

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