How To Organize Your Laundry Room on A Budget


Most people spend a fair amount of time in our laundry rooms washing, drying, and folding clothes. So, it makes sense to keep it organized to reduce clutter and improve your work efficiency. This means replacing or repairing any appliance such as a washer or dryer that is not working properly and slowing down your pace. If that’s the case, you can call in a professional by searching “dryer repair near me” on Google. Once the issue is fixed, you start organizing your laundry room to use it as a storage room, mudroom, or even a multipurpose room.

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips you can follow to organize your laundry room on a budget:

  1. Declutter – The first step to organizing your laundry room is to declutter it. Removing items from your drawers, shelves, and cabinets that you don’t need or use regularly would give you some extra space to work with which you can utilize to organize important items.

Sometimes, it can feel overwhelming to pack away or throw old items even if you don’t use them regularly or they are not in their best shape. In that case, you can simply donate them to a charity or give them away to your friends or family members.

  1. Attach tension rods to hang clothes – Most laundry rooms don’t have much real estate that you can use. However, simply installing tension rods would allow you to hang clothes and air-dry them even in small spaces. Tension rods are available in both online and offline stores and are pretty cheap. Plus, you can install them using simple tools and hardware.
  1. Add a storage basket – Storage baskets are extremely helpful inside laundry rooms where you often need to store many different types of items such as wool dryer balls. If you are limited in space, you can purchase small storage baskets that you can get at only $1 from a dollar store. They are a true bang for your buck and can help you organize many small items that go in a laundry room.
  1. Add laundry sorting bins – You can add laundry sorting bins inside or around your laundry room in a hallway to organize items such as dryer sheets, laundry stain remover, simply toss your dirty clothes for washing them later. These are available for cheap online and at home decor and bedding stores too. You can purchase matching or identical bins to add a decorative touch to your room and label them for easy sorting.
  1. Hang a pegboard wall – One of the easiest ways to maximize the space available in a small laundry room is to install a pegboard. Pegboards are easily available at almost any hardware stores and can be purchased online for cheap too. They are easy to install and allow you to store small items such as scissors, scrub brushes, rubber gloves, and more.

Hanging small accessories and items on a pegboard would enable you to keep the laundry room clean, organize it better, and also helps to declutter it.

  1. Command hooks – If you don’t want to install a pegboard in your laundry or simply don’t have the option to do so, a great alternative is to use command hooks. Unlike pegboards that can take up quite a bit of wall space, command hooks offer much cleaner look.

And command hooks are especially value for money if you don’t have many accessories that you need to sort and only need to organize a handful of items that you use frequently. So, you can only install 3-4 command hooks and save a lot of money.

  1. Mount dryer racks to the wall – Wall-mounted dryer racks are a good alternative for tension rods for hanging clothes. These take no floor space since you can install them in the wall. And, since you can fold them when not in use, they don’t obstruct the pathway. However, when you need to dry your clothes and you are short of space to dry them, you can unfold the dryer racks to hang your clothes to allow them to dry properly.
  1. Roll a cart between two appliances – Keeping your washer and dryer side by side wastes the unnecessary space between them. Oftentimes, you can find your long-lost clothes, socks, dryer sheets, or dirty clothes when you find the time to clean the space. However, if the gap between your washer and your dryer is big enough to put some storage bins or buckets, you should definitely try to utilize it. You can even put a shelved cart between the two machines with necessary laundry items.
  1. Install a wall ironing board – It’s a great idea to add a hidden closet in-between wall studs that includes a recessed ironing board for ironing your clothes after drying. Recessed ironing board can be stowed away completely inside the closet so that they don’t obstruct the laundry room space, but you can just as easily use them for ironing your clothes when needed.
  1. Install a countertop – You can install a wooden countertop on top of your watching machines to turn it into a usable workspace. For instance, it should provide ample space for folding your clothes right out of the dryer. Additionally, you can keep small baskets, laundry supplies, and laundry items on top of the countertop to save additional space.


Organizing a laundry room can take from a few hours to days if you have to purchase new items or rearrange the appliances inside. So, take your time and focus on organizing a few items or only a specific portion of the room at a time. However, it would be a waste to let a defective appliance such as an old dryer or washer occupy the space in it. Instead, it’s much better to call in a professional repairman by searching “dryer repair near me” on Google or something similar and replace or repair the appliance so that you can actually use them.

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