Brown leather couch 

Brown is not the usual choice of anyone when shopping, especially if you want to opt for a couch. There are loads of other variants available which shine bright and are sold like hotcakes. Nonetheless, we cannot deny the importance of the colour brown. The stereotypical brown leather couch, which usually is left behind, looks charming if it is styled correctly. It can become a focal point in any room for the guests if you place the right things at the correct place.

Think of the first couch that you saw and fell in love with at that time. If it was a couch, but of a different colour, then it’s the right time to turn the attention to a brown leather couch now. It will fit perfectly anywhere, and the new generation is in love with the couch concept. So let us see how you style the traditional brown couch in your vicinity.

  1. Throw some blankets:

Who can say no to blankets? If you want to compliment the brown leather couch you have in your house, then throw a white, off white or a beige colour blanket over it. It will add layers and variety to the colour palette of the room. You can spice things up with grey and a tint of red to decorative items.

  1. Create a wall:

The big question is how we can create a wall? Well, yes, we all can. On the contrary, you can have a wall full of memorable pictures from your travelogue or beautiful moments from the gatherings. Have a neutral colour on the wall and have brown wooden frames of various sizes hang there in lines or the way you want it. It will look unique behind a leather couch.

  1. Keep a side table:

A side table is not unique but serves many purposes. You can use it to place coffee or tea mugs while reading a magazine. Furthermore, keep a tv remote with a bowl of popcorn when you watch movies. If you are buying a new one after reading this, look for side tables with extra storage. It may have shelves or drawers. You can colour match it with the brown leather couch and make your room trendy.

  1. Place a bookshelf:

It would look great for people who are book lovers. Place a lovely big bookshelf beside the brown leather couch and keep one or two books on the couch if there are no children in the house. If you are an avid reader and like to show off the collection, invite some friends to read while sitting on the couch. Also, keep new additions for more attraction.

  1. pillows:

Pillows are essential for all couches. There is no other way to make the sofa more comfortable than placing soft cushions on it. Place soft colour pillows of uniform size, which will make the room more warm and welcoming. Choose a wacky pillow to compliment the far fetched idea making it a reality. You can DIY a few pillows and cases, making it fun for the whole family.

  1. artwork:

If you are not a fan of wooden frames on the wall, place artwork in the same division. It will add atmosphere to the room, and the quirky shapes will make it more interesting. Think outside the box and look for artwork that has neutral or natural hues in it. It will grab everyone’s attention when you hang it over the wall behind the brown leather couch.

  1. The bricks:

It happens when you don’t want to paint the walls and want them to have a natural rustic look. For this, add some brick look to the walls. It can be actual bricks, but if not, then a wallpaper of the same style would do good. It will give a vibe of a coffee shop or a hipster cafe. It might become your new favourite place to hang out. There is always a couch and a table to have a warm sip of coffee there.

  1. Place flowers:

If you are romantic and want to have a good and relaxing time with your partner, place some flowers beside the brown leather couch. They might be real or fake, but they will create an ambience that will complement the sofa in that room.

  1. Animal hides and skull:

There are many styles taken from the movies where they place animal hides as rugs and animal skulls on the wall. It looks fantastic if incorporated in real life and the living room. If you don’t want the traditional rugs that everyone has, then place animal hides such as a lion or a tiger hide on the floor. It will significantly match with the leather couch as leather also comes from the animals.

  1. lighting:

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a spotlight on the brown leather couch? If yes, place a few lights on the wall near the couch, and the place will become well lit when you watch tv or read a book. Have a side lamp, and the room will feel more open and bright.


Picking a brown leather couch is not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes courage to do so because people have the impression that once you have that couch in the house, styling options become very rare.

Although this is not true, and by reading this blog, we know that a leather couch gives a classy vibe to the whole ambience. There are also many ways to focus on the sofa and the room, and you can quickly achieve the target. So go ahead and give a positive vibe to the whole colour scheme by going crazy and creating a new style trend to be remembered by all.

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