Pest control 101: Answering top questions for homeowners

Homeowners often have their doubts on whether they should call professional pest control services. Finding pests at home can be a disgusting experience. Not all insects and rodents pose health risks, but these pests can cause some serious damage when ignored for long. If you are in Oregon, check for services, such as, which have been around for years and have credible market standing. In this post, we are answering top questions for homeowners. 

  1. When to call an exterminator?

Let’s get real – pest control is a specialized job, which requires equipment, products, and manpower. It is best to leave pest control to experts. Remember that using certain chemicals or pesticides on your own can do more damage than good. To answer the question, call an exterminator, if you see clear signs of infestation. Also, if you have kids and pets at home, you need professional help as soon as possible. 

  1. How much does pest control cost?

There is no one answer for that. Most exterminators will send a team of experts to inspect the client’s property, and once they have a clear idea of the problem and extent of infestation, they offer an estimate. Nevertheless, the cost of pest control doesn’t have to be huge, but make sure that you have a clear estimate in advance. 

  1. How to find a good pest control company?

There are some basic things to check for comparing exterminators. For instance, all pest control companies must be licensed and insured. Check if the company has an in-house team of experts, and if their workers are bonded and trained. You may also want to review their work profile, services offered, and online reviews. To know an exterminator better, ask for references. 

  1. Can you expect warranties on pest control?

Yes, for most pest control tasks, companies do offer some sort of assurance. This usually means that the problem will not resurface within the warranty/guarantee period. If you see the same issue again, the exterminator will offer services for free. Check if you can get a regular contract, so that inspects are done periodically to avoid extreme infestation. 

Final word

When you have pests or rodents at home, calling an exterminator is the sanest thing to do. Just do your part in selecting a pest control company. If the company has been in the industry for years, they will have good reviews. Also, do ask about the pest control methods they use for the concerned problem. 

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