How To Move In A New Home

Once the move Movers Schaumburg, IL for example is made, it’s time to move in! Receiving the boxes and distributing them well is not an easy task. In the middle of the furniture, a joyous mess accumulates. There are a lot of cases, and organizing this transition requires a little thought. Going room by room is a good start, starting with the places you need the most, like the kitchen or the bathroom. Also, think about all the administrative logistics. By contacting upstream suppliers, you ensure you have electricity on D-Day. Browse our checklist of things to remember for a successful move. 

1. Organize Well By Anticipating Key Administrative Procedures

If it is an often-dreaded part of the move, the administrative procedures are necessary to be comfortable in your new home. Among the first things to do upstream (about a week before D-Day) is contact the electricity and gas supplier in the municipality and the companies that manage your internet and telephone subscriptions. A few days before, notify you’re the change of accommodation to your insurer to take advantage of home insurance as soon as you move in—a key point in case of a problem. 

Once in the new house, read the water, gas, and electricity meters. Also, write your name on the door and mailbox. For mail, go to the Public Service website, where a page dedicated to changing your address allows you to choose the organizations concerned. To forward the mail, a temporary transfer to La Poste gives you time to be sure that your new address is considered.

2. Make Move-In Day Easier

Before embarking on the boxes, a few precautions are to simplify the day of moving in. As you are often surrounded by friends or family who come to lend a hand, prepare easy things to eat and drinks. A small survival kit with light bulbs, tools, garbage bags, toilet paper, and paper towels will always come in handy. 

On the day of moving in with Alliance Moving and Storage for example, remember to plan something to supply family and friends who have come to lend a hand. On the day of moving in, remember to plan something to supply family and friends who have come to lend a hand.

Also, provide a cleaning kit with a few rags, a vacuum cleaner, a mop, and a household product for emergencies. The big cleaning will wait for the end of the boxes! If the accommodation has common areas, protecting the stairs avoids any problems in the neighborhood. When the movers arrive, ensure all the boxes are there.

3. Take Time To Organize Your New Home

“We always hope to complete everything in one weekend, but that’s rarely the case. To get an idea, we count about one weekend for the bathroom and the kitchen. Another for the main bedroom. And so on. No need to hurry. Don’t worry if, two months later, there are still a few boxes. On the other hand, keep the remaining boxes in view, so you don’t forget them.”


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