Why British Homes Are Embracing Solar Power

You may have noticed that over the past few years that a greater number of residential homes around the UK are being equipped with solar panels. For an asset that was once reputed to be inefficient or overly expensive, the tide has quickly turned in favour of this renewable energy source. There are several reasons why this is occurring and why it is having a significantly positive impact on energy bills and the environment too.

Solar Efficiency

Previously, solar panels, as well as home batteries that could store excess energy, were seen as inefficiency. The cost of their installation was seldom worthwhile since the energy they captured from the sun was unlikely to make a dent in residential energy bills or garner a suitable return on investment when the energy was sold to power suppliers. As such, they remained a luxury.

Now, however, technology has developed greatly and the energy captured by even small panels is enough to make a noticeable difference to homes. This means that residents are more eager to equip their roofs, including those of sheds and summer houses, with panels.

Cost Of Energy

The aforementioned efficiency is also more appealing to homeowners since the cost of energy has risen considerably and with seemingly little chance of it returning to its original value. This surge in energy prices is a key contributor to the cost of living crisis and has motivated many to seek out alternative sources of energy and improved energy efficiency at home. Various solar schemes also offer different benefits to homes too, with energy companies often buying surplus energy generated by homes to reduce bills even further.

Price Of Panels

The price of panels has dropped despite their efficiency improving. This means that the overall value, and potential for return on investment, is greater than ever. Residents can now purchase panels for their home, often with financing options or support from local government schemes, for an extremely affordable price, motivating many to embrace renewable energy.

Batteries are also beginning to drop in price too. These home features can be contained discreetly in a home and store excess energy generated by solar panels for use at a later date. This means that, during periods of abundant sunshine, a home can stash energy for use during colder and more overcast periods, making the financial benefit of panels even more appealing.

Interest In Sustainability

Aside from the financial benefits of solar panels, there is also a significant cultural shift toward sustainability. Green initiatives and awareness campaigns are increasingly influencing residents to reduce their carbon footprint. Solar panels, as well as residential designs in general, play a major role in the residential pursuit of environmentally friendly living. There is also the associated reduction of guilt that comes with such efforts too, such as having residential heating on during the winter months with less concern of environmental impact.

Solar panels are celebrated as such because they transform solar energy into electricity without producing harmful byproducts. Additionally, they reduce residential reliance on fossil fuels and environmentally damaging energy resources too.

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