Polyurethane Foam Slab Jacking and Its Benefits

When you are considering concrete repair through common techniques like concrete levelling and raising, then you normally think about traditional methods which is known as mud jacking. Typical mud jacking is an old dated technique that was used for raising and levelling any sunken or uneven concrete slabs.

In case of mud jacking, large holes will be drilled on any concrete surface and then cement-based slurry will be pumped beneath. Finally, this slurry will become heavy and may add extra weight beneath the concrete slab that actually is doing more harm, if you look at it in the longer run.

Nowadays a new alternative to the traditional mud jacking is available by using polyurethane foam concrete lifting technique. This new technique has many advantages as compared to the standard mud jacking method. Also, this new technique is much easier and quicker, non-messy, and also guaranteed to last longer and better solution for concrete repair.

Following are few plus points of this new method:

  • Much less invasive as compared to mud jacking

In both this mud jacking as well as polyurethane foam jacking, you need to drill holes for injecting the raising material. Foam jacking only needs any concrete repair contractors for drilling small 3/8″ holes, whereas in mud jacking process you need to drill a hole of 1″ or larger diameter. With this new process, all the drillings are done much faster and with very little noise, as compared to mud jacking.

  • Much quicker and easier repair for any settled concrete

With poly foam concrete leveling, you can use the concrete during the process itself, while in any standard mud jacking you will need at least 24 hours’ time to settle it down for using it. You can even drive your vehicles on your concrete slab soon after the injection of polyurethane foam.

  • Much cleaner and lighter weight method of concrete lifting

With any standard mud jacking technique, the entire materials needed for mixing the slurry that are used during the process will be mixed onsite, which may cause lots of mess. In case of polyurethane foam of concrete lifting, all the materials are completely contained that have no risk of spilling or contamination.

Also, cement-based slurry that is used in mud jacking is much heavier as compared to polyurethane foam jacking. This will reduce much stress on the underneath soil of the concrete slab, that reduces any possibility of slab resettling.

  • Better environment friendly option

Poly foam uses 30-50% recycled material and more water resistant as compared to slurry used in mud jacking, and also releases much fewer toxic chemicals in the environment.

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