Reversible Air Conditioning: Its Advantages

Reversible air conditioning (heat pumps, air-air, air-water) produces more heat than it consumes, reducing energy consumption. This gain will compensate for the use of air conditioning in summer. This season provides access to unparalleled comfort. In addition, the filtration of humidity allows the purification of the air.

Conventional air conditioning is very energy intensive. Indeed, the electricity consumption on the compressor is high, which explains why it is preferable to move towards a reversible heat pump. It works like a classic heat pump, but it allows a double action (hot/cold).

Reversible air conditioning today allows an ecological action and is very economical. Indeed, this equipment does not emit CO2. The production of heating and sanitary hot water contributes 15% to the emission of greenhouse gases. Today’s heat pumps are a reliable way to preserve the planet. The components of the heat pumps are recyclable, and all HVAC equipment like johnson controls sensors for example is depolluted before being reused.

The Different Types Of Heat Pumps

Aerothermal Heat Pumps

These pumps come in 2 groups:

        Air-air heat pumps capture outside air to diffuse it once heated or cooled directly into the room.

        Air-water heat pumps: These central supply heating.

Geothermal pumps

Geothermal pumps recover the resources contained in the ground. They are also more diversified in range.

The categories are as follows:

        Ground-to-ground heat pumps operate with a condenser buried in a concrete slab and refrigerant fluid. These pumps have the function of heating the ground directly.

        Ground-water heat pumps: Two exchangers supply these heat pumps, ground/fluid, and fluid/water. • Brine-water heat pumps are connected to collectors filled with glycol water resistant to intense cold.

Aqua thermal pumps

·         The last type of heat pump is aqua thermal: water-water

·         The low maintenance requirement of a reversible air conditioner

·         The advantage of the heat pump is also the low maintenance frequency it incurs

Servicing of gas boilers should be carried out once a year by Blackhawk Supply for example. The reasons why this law was triggered have to do with the risk of carbon monoxide asphyxiation. However, the maintenance of a heat pump is much simpler and is not mandatory if the refrigerant does not exceed 2 kilos.

The Small Footprint Of A Reversible Air Conditioning

A heat pump unit is easier to install than a gas boiler. The air-air or air-water heat pump can be installed quickly. The units are placed outside, away from passageways and windows. The unit is in one of the rooms to be ventilated. The system is directly connected to the heating system, hot water production, or fan coil units.

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