The Expertise Of A Glazier To Repair A Cracked Window

A bird that crashes violently against a window, an impact due to a throwing of a stone, or even the crushing of a children’s ball, the windows are exposed to many incidents. Unfortunately, these often result in one or more cracks in the window and needs a wood window repair.

Why Shouldn’t A Crack In A Window Be Overlooked?

It’s never nice to have a cracked window. Indeed, it can give way anywhere, putting the inhabitants in danger. In addition, a crack in the glass weakens the house’s thermal insulation. And to top it off, humidity, garden critters, or even drafts can slip into the housing through the crack or hole in the glass.

How To Go About Repairing A Cracked Window?

You should know that there is no permanent solution to repair a cracked window except to replace it. Indeed, keep in mind that the solutions we list below are only temporary. You will have to call on a professional glazier to benefit from a definitive and effective solution.

To repair a crack in single glazing, you can:

  • apply strong glue to the glass;
  • rub a cut garlic clove over the crack. Garlic contains sucrose (a natural sugar), which, when dried, will form a kind of glue;

To repair a crack in double glazing, you must:

  • apply epoxy to the crack and wait for it to dry
  • finish by applying adhesive
  • another solution, put adhesive on both sides of the glass, all along the crack
  • Use the services of a glazier to repair a cracked window

To repair a cracked window with Apex Window Werks for instance, it is best to replace the glass. This way, you will enjoy more security and a permanent solution. Because remember, even by applying the solutions mentioned above, the glass will continue to crack. Indeed, the vibrations caused by the wind and the shocks of everyday life will eventually get the better of your window. Hence the need to call in a glazier to replace your glazing.

If your windows are restored in time, the visual aspect will be greatly improved or even like new depending on their condition before demisting. However, stains may mark the interior permanently if you wait too long. Thanks to our team’s experience over the years, we can assess the percentage of success even before undertaking the restoration and advise you on this solution. Defogging is a permanent but not instantaneous solution. The liquids that we inject inside your windows must evaporate before your windows become beautiful again.

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