Tips On How To Gift Your Kids At Christmas Without Breaking The Budget

A survey carried out throughout Brazil by retailers, and the SPC (Credit Protection Service) indicated that 41% of parents share with their children the decision of which gift they will buy. And another 9% leave that decision to the child himself. Another 8% said they would stop paying a bill to give gifts at Christmas.

Incrivel club consulted financial educators to find out what tips you can adopt to please your child without causing a loss in your pocket. Check out.

Is It Essential To Buy A Gift?

If the question is asked to your child, he will indeed say yes. However, there are other alternatives. One of them is replogle globes, sharing toys or even the exchange attitudes that are gaining more and more followers.

Postpone The Gift If You Don’t Have Money Right Now

It is very unpleasant for a child to be without a gift, even more so at Christmas. However, even more, unpleasant is the family being financially squeezed due to an object. If you can’t afford to buy the gift now for your child, explain that you will when you can (and keep your promise) and commit to outdoor activities, visits to cultural spaces with free activities, a bike ride, and others where it is not necessary to spend to have fun.

Calculate How Much You Will Spend

Before separating the amount you will pay to present your child, put at the tip of the pencil the short-term costs you will have, the extra bills due at the beginning of the following year, and even gifts you will give to other people in the family. Make a list of the best gifts for your kids and party favors for people not so close.

To Take The Children Shopping Or Not

Financial education experts recommend that parents do not take their children shopping. The reason is quite simple: the presence of your child will be a determining psychological factor in the decision, and you will inevitably spend more than you planned.

Which Gift To Buy?

“The best gift is the one you want to get.” That simple. Your child may even want a blue unicorn, Floor Globes and a jaguar as pets at home, but you shouldn’t lose your hair chasing these animals. If he asked for a video game or a state-of-the-art cell phone, try to make him understand all the work and difficulty you had to earn money and trade him other items.

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