Transforming Your Culinary Space: A Comprehensive Guide to Kitchen Remodeling

Your kitchen allows you to make good meals and feel good there, but you realize it is getting old. A contemporary kitchen increases the functionality of the spaces and creates an ideal atmosphere for preparing your meals as much as for taking a well-deserved coffee break. Zen Renovations,  gives you several tips for revamping your kitchen.

1- Choose trendy colors

To create a contemporary kitchen in 2021 like kitchen remodeling in washington dc for example, sometimes you need to change colors or spirit. Call on the advice of Cuisines YOU professionals to choose modern tones that will transform your space. Black is popular because it offers a refined and elegant atmosphere. Wood and white, for their part, bring a natural and timeless touch to your kitchen.

Wooden kitchens go wonderfully with these shades, bringing softness and harmony to your living room. Want a different texture? The concrete effect kitchen and its sober design are made for you.

2- Dare to use innovative materials for a more practical daily life

The kitchen is one of the rooms you often clean in your home. Preparing meals as well as small snacks requires favoring surfaces that wash well. Your kitchen will become resolutely modern if you add materials like those from the Fenix® range. Particularly innovative, they are beautiful and intelligent. Resistant to shock and scratches and very easy to maintain, they make your kitchen a place where cleaning is almost no longer a chore.

You can perfectly combine them with noble materials, such as creating a contemporary kitchen in wood and Fenix. The choice of materials, like the colors, is one of the elements that will bring the most modernity to your room.

3- Add accessories that modernize a kitchen

Accessories, and especially lighting, magnify a room. The kitchen is no exception to this rule. A space that is getting old is instantly transformed when given new luminosity. You will easily modernize your kitchen by strategically placing lights or spotlights that will highlight your worktops and make the use of your space more pleasant.

Among the touches of modernity that are easy to add, consider modifying the handles of your furniture. These elements, which appear to be details, are very important and transform a dated kitchen into a contemporary one in the blink of an eye.

4- Opt for a modern and user-friendly layout

You can modernize your kitchen by carrying out more substantial transformations, such as a change in configuration. It is not essential to have a kitchen open to your living room or dining room to obtain a contemporary and pleasant room.

A kitchen with a central island brings conviviality to your space by allowing you to eat on the go or invite friends for a drink. You also gain ease of use because the various workstations are easily accessible.

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