3 Tips For Redesigning Your Parent’s Home For Aging In Place

If your parents are starting to get on in years but have yet to have this reality really catch up with them yet, it can sometimes be hard to ensure that they’re taking care of themselves as they should. But luckily, if this is an area of concern for you, you can find ways to help them make some adjustments to their lives—and their home—in order for them to be safe.

To help you see how this can be done, here are three tips for redesigning your parent’s home for aging in place. 

Trim Down

If you’ve ever been to a home of someone who’s getting on in years, be it an independent living facility or an assisted living community, you’ve likely noticed that they try to keep clutter to a minimum. So if your parent’s home is currently pretty cluttered with items picked up over the last few decades, paring down their possessions is a great place to start.

For many people, getting rid of their stuff when they don’t actually see the need right now can be challenging. So before you start loading up boxes, speak with your parents about how their life will be easier if they had a little less clutter filling up their house. Remind them that getting around will be easier, cleaning will be easier, and if they ever chose to move to an independent living facility, their move will now be much easier, too. 

Prioritize Safety From Slips and Falls

One of the most dangerous things for elderly people at home is slipping and falling. Especially if your parents are fit and aren’t used to their new limitations, having them take steps to protect themselves from flips and falls can be a hard sell.

To help them make this transition at home, ask them about installing some items throughout the house that can be helpful for balance. Things like grab bars in the bathroom can be very helpful to avoid slips in the tub or shower. And if they have stairs with rickety railings, replacing those can also be beneficial. 

Light Dangerous Areas

With younger eyes, it’s easy to see if there are things blocking your walking path or hidden in dark spaces. But as people age, their eyes have a harder time making these distinctions.

Knowing this, your aging parents can probably benefit a lot from having more light brought into their house, especially in areas that could be dark and dangerous, like on the stairs or around their bed at night, having access to more light will ensure that they can always see where they’re walking. 

If your parents are wanting to age in place, consider using the tips mentioned above to help them make some adjustments to their home in order for them to stay safe and comfortable. 

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