Winter is the time of the year when everyone gets the jackets out of their lofts and prepares the home for winter and its celebrations. Many people habit renovating or reshuffling the things present in the house, so the long winter months are spent snuggling in the warmth of a brown leather couch or simply changing the drapes to more dramatic warm colors.

There is another choice for those who love winters and want to incorporate the same trend into your home. You can go all ice and chic at the same time while bringing the trendy icy colors as well. So if you are a fan of winters or not, these ideas will surely make your heart melt and then freeze on a certain thought.

Go for ice age:

The sharp icy shapes and the cool tones of winters such as ice blue, berry red, and pale peach are sure to catch the attention of many. The winter wonderland theme will not create an icy atmosphere in the home, leaving a warm feeling to everyone, but also give a special effect to the walls and furniture. Create a blue and lilac backdrop with icy walls with reflective glassware. It will open up the room and create extra space.

Let the light also bounce with cool tones of the color wheel and a few geometric shapes. Pace glass, metals, and mirrors for a sleek look and polished feel. You can keep a few charcoal pieces in baskets near a brown leather couch to contrast the color and light the fireplace when you need it.


Another idea to officially settle down into the dream home and do all work is to have multi-functional furniture and space. Many people prefer to work from home, and they have their office, workstation, and bedroom in the same room. Create a separate place for all the details and switch to dividers for better concentration. You can also have a classroom and gym under one roof if everything is planned properly. For this, you can buy storage beds and benches to have all the things you want for the winter.

Earthy textures:

Winter is all about bringing nature to the home. This winter. Go for matt velvet and felt fabrics for drapes, cushion covers, frames, and other items. Place an armchair with plush velvet cushions and throw pillows. Bring in a shag rug pile with a woven wall hanging and place some flowers nearby. It will not only create harmony but is best for wrapping in those special spots.

DIY homewares:

There is nothing better than making something by yourself. All those DIY items are quite expensive as it takes time to create a masterpiece. You can have handmade ceramics to show off with some quirky mats and light shades. If you love colors, then DIY some pillow covers and table rugs and keep them with a brown leather couch socially when you have some guests over. The monotone color effect will make you talk to the town.

Walls in style:

No one can deny and ignore the featured and stylish walls in the home. You can have a spotlight on them by having a wallpaper that brings a sense of luxury. Furthermore, you can paint one tone to all walls and keep the main wall in a variant. It will keep the attention on the main wall. If you opt for design, choose tiles, patterned designs, natural features, textured, or go crazy with throw shades in all corners.

Indoor plantation:

It’s been some time that we have to spend most of our time indoors. But that doesn’t mean that we can not have any link with nature. If you tend to go out less, then bring character home. Place plants and pots in the corners, nearby windows, kitchen, and dining table for the subtle look you always wanted. These plants will look great beside a brown leather couch.

Chose curves:

Gone are when everyone wanted square and rectangle designs in the kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms. It has been a while when trendy shapes have taken over. The round coffee table, semi-curved brown leather couch or sofa seats, and oval wall hangings are popular among many. These smooth flowing designs in the hallway bring softness, eliminating rigidness from the environment. Even the children would love the plans, and chances of getting knocked down are rare.

Colors and shades:

There was a time when dark colors were the symbols of high-class society. The dark red color has a special touch, and people wore dresses in the same color. But thankfully, the world has taken a quick turn to color destiny. Now, pale peaches, plain yellow, soft blues, and dark greens are famous. The majority of the decorative pieces come in the same shades as discussed and look fabulous with a match or contrasting colors.

Sensuous scents:

Since the winter is all about having closed doors and windows, it is essential to decorate the home with luscious scents. The scents can affect your feelings, mood, and the day to day activities. To get the feel, have lavender which is a timeless classic known for calming properties. You can keep frankincense and sandalwood in the bedroom for soothing effects throughout the night. It will energize you for the next day, and the scent will make your home lovelier.


We all tend to decorate our homes now and then, but keeping the trend in complying with the seasons is also essential. No matter what decorative idea you choose, there are still other ideas to play around with drapery, furniture such as a brown leather couch, and walls. Choose whatever comes within your budget and go trendy.


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